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Porcelain White Piano with Glitter Favor

W116 Porcelain Resin White Piano with Glitter Favor 2.5" X 2.25" X 2"H.

The default options have already been selected for you to order the favor as shown.
Just scroll to the bottom of the page and choose an Assembly option and a Shipping option and enter the Quantity.

$2.86 as shown, unassembled.
$3.61 as shown, assembled.

Feel free to change any options to customize the color or look. If you like, choose a printed ribbon option ("J" options) to personalize your favor.

The Base Price is for an unenhanced favor (choose "none" for all options).

Price : US$ 1.59
A. Simple Tulle (inside) :
B. Fancy Tulle (outside) :
C. Dish :
D. Filling :
E. First Enhancement :
F. Second Enhancement :
G. Third Enhancement :
H. Enhancement Ribbon/Prls(12") :
I. Special Instructions :
J1. Printed Ribbon Color :
J2. Text foil color :
J3. Length of printed ribbon :
J4. Enter text on left side :
J5. Enter text on right side :
J6. Choice of die/position :
K. Additional Item (use number) :
L. CHOOSE Assembly :
M. CHOOSE Shipping :
Unit Price:


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